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NG Knight Lamune & 40 – Episode 15

I decided to put DX aside for a while and focus on the main series until episode 16 so the time tripping in DX makes more sense.

Here for your enjoyment is episode 15 in torrent and DDL for your convenience.

Be forewarned, episode 15 is one of the dirtier ones. It’s kind of weird hearing a ten year old girl screaming she wants bigger tits, but what can you do.

Also, the translators notes for those interested:

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29 Responses

  1. Nyoron Fan

    Man, You’re a hero for all Ramune fans. I love this anime ^^

  2. KudosForce

    YES!! 😀

    I can’t possibly convey how much I’ve been looking forward to seeing a new NG Knight installment.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  3. Garion08

    You are awesome. Thanks so much for all your work.

  4. Kame

    Thank you very very much!!! I hope we all be able to see the series to the end 😀

  5. Ceres

    Haha, I actually had a friend text me at work to tell me this episode was up, so WE’RE BOTH VERY HAPPY TO SEE IT. Thanks as always for the work you put into this! I always greatly appreciate the explanations of the puns that went over my head in the raws.

  6. Man

    Onore Lolfang
    New episode when?

    • Lolfang

      Tell you what, if we’re all here tomorrow, I’ll make getting a new one out before years end a priority.

      • KudosForce

        Since we’re all alive, I can hardly wait for that. 😀

      • Jeremy Soronen

        Love hearing this. Donated a little money and will donate more each time an episode comes out. Can’t wait to finally see DX & EX subbed as well (Onegai!)

      • KudosForce

        You know, I think it might be best for you at this point to not tell any promises that you can’t live up to.

        At the rate things are going, folks will eventually completely lose faith in you subbing the entirety of NG Knight Lamune & 40. -_-0

        Just some friendly piece of advice to keep in mind.

  7. Harvester

    I hope nyoron will finish episode 16 – 38 as soon as possible…..

  8. BurningFightingFighter

    Here is what I think. Hey Nyoron, you should get some more translators to help you with releasing the rest of NG Knight of Lamune. It would get releases out faster and all you’d have to do is just provide the raws.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s sad seeing this series not getting more subs.
    RIP in peace Lamune.

  10. Only to know… but this fansub is over forever?
    Or will you resume it in the future?

  11. Kame

    the pace is very slow, they-he-she are/is releasing one episode per year aprox.

  12. Vestbuster

    @BurningFightingFighter : I agree with you.
    We all can’t wait for the sub to be finished.
    let us help you with encoding, translating, or something. I hope for the best for Nyoron

  13. Vestbuster

    No! This translation is not over (I pray so)
    I know He’s somehow still working on it. We just have to wait.

    Lamuness series is one of the best anime I’ve ever seen. If Nyoron fansub needs some help I will gladly help in any way I can.

  14. Jack

    Guess the show is over, since we haven’t heard a word about this project for 10 months now.

  15. 俺さま


  16. Kame

    Mr. Lolfang, can you at least put the project on official hiatus?

  17. xjazzy13

    🙁 so sad that another great anime seems to have suffered the fate of being forgotten and shelved.

  18. Kenshin

    Ok, I’m very persistent (this project is in stop by 3 years more or less), but, there’s hope to a coming back and ending this project?
    (And maybe even reput online the old files because my HD has exploded and I lost all the files).

  19. Bartender

    It’s been 4 years since this project has been abandoned. Actually I found the complete RAW of NG Knight Ramune & 40 + 2 OVAs with good quality. it seems like we should continue this project till it’s complete. Anyone wants to continue this project?

  20. Kame

    Still not down?

  21. Fulltank1337

    Any chance of finishing this series?
    …maybe? Pretty please?

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