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Nekketsu Collection Update!

Hey Lamune Fans!

Lofang here to update you on some new things added to the site! The NG Knight Lamune & 40 novels are all now uploaded in full to the Nekketsu Collection, as are the volumes of the VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire manga that I own. Also, I have uploaded the NG Knight Lamune & 40 Post Cards which came with my laser disk box set of the series, check those out if you’re a fan, lots of very rare official art, some of which I had never seen before.

I also thought you all would be interested to know that in celebration of Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary and the announcement of the new Sailor Moon anime in 2013 (I will be working on that with a different group), I will soon be releasing Lamune DX. I know it’s out of order, but what better way for a Lamune-centered group to celebrate Sailor Moon’s anniversary? Plus it’s my favorite OVA.

I’m sure I’ll be updating again very soon, Nyoron fans!

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26 Responses

  1. anon

    just curious what exactly are you going to do once you’ve subbed all of lamune? are you going to finish some of the other projects that you’ve left behind since before the big site upgrade or are all the people who were waiting on those just going to be left disappointed?

    • Lolfang

      Perhaps you can enlighten me as to which projects you mean? My downloads on Might Gaine barely ever passed the double digits on any given episode, so no one really ever cared about that, I finished Gundam 00, and with that most of my followers fled. No one has said one word on the internet about my Gurren Laggan movie translation since April, so why release the second? The Eva movie I do feel bad about not releasing but again, no one has said a word to me about wanting to see it subbed by me.
      The stuff I do for anime fans doesn’t make anyone happy, so I’ll focus on the anime that does make me happy to work on, if that makes sense.
      That being said, I don’t know if I’ll ever finish Lamune, once I think I’ve collected everything I find new material I didn’t know existed, books, CDs, doujin, you name it, there’s a lot of work out there to be done.

      • anon

        well I don’t know if they are or not but there was a group of fans of the brave saga animes on deviantart who were waiting for more might gaine eps but if you really feel that subbing the rest isn’t worth your time then it wouldn’t be fair to ask you to do it especially for a small group. that’s the only one I can remember unfortunately so yeah sorry for bothering you

        • KudosForce

          Well, Hikari Senshi is slowly but surely subbing Da Garn (they’re at the halfway point as of this writing), so I’m pretty sure there are fans there that would love to see Might Gaine completed. Especially since the only way to see it in full is through Chamelenia’s…HK subs. The Planetary Defense Subtitling Group made it all the way up to 28 but dropped off the face of the Earth afterwards.

          With that said, priority comes before everything else, so I wish you good luck on the rest of Lamune 40! Also, good on ya for celebrating Sailor Moon’s anniversary in your own way. That is one of the series that lit the fire of my anime fandom. ^_^

          As for the Eva Rebuild film? No need to get concerned about that, since Funimation released it anyways.

  2. KudosForce

    (For the record, I was mostly replying to Lolfang)

    • anon

      figured as much and I’ve been keeping an eye on hikari senshi but they say that they won’t pick up other brave saga anime’s unless one of their translators shows an interest in it or a translator who has interest shows up to volunteer to work on it

      • anon

        also I downloaded chamelenia’s a Long time ago and found they were just Horrid engrish subs that might’ve been play by ear translated hell in the subs they had the kid Might named Gaine in their subs

        • KudosForce

          Well, the bit concerning Hikari Senshi doesn’t surprise me, considering that they predominantly focus on Toku series first and foremost.

          Msubs might have been our best hope, but so many series they started (including Goldran) have been put on standby for ages now, and their current ones aren’t exactly coming at a leopard’s pace (whatwith behind-the-scenes hardships not helping things).

          *sigh* It’s too bad not every oldie robot anime-subbing group can’t go on the same roll that Grown-Ups-in-Spandex has been having lately, with Jetman and Zyuranger. At least we can get to fully enjoy watching Fighbird and J-decker.

          • anon

            last I talk to someone about goldran at /m/ subs they said they’re looking for a new translator since theirs has been awol for who knows how long, onmitsu subs did good work on decker and fighbird although it looks like their english subber is nowhere to be found and they haven’t released anything for the brave saga animes, anime classics dumped dagwon after falling from pressure from their fans bitching for more “modern” anime, geeh so if a group whose genuinely going to sub the other brave saga anime’s before anything else, we’re stuck waiting

  3. KudosForce

    @Anon: Yeah…fate is cruel, sometimes. 🙁

    • Lolfang

      The problem with /m/ is that everyone is eager to jump on a project but no one ever stays around to make it happen.

      • KudosForce

        Ohh, now it all makes sense. No wonder that some projects involves other groups.

        It doesn’t help that some idiot Layzner fan wants that series to be finished QUICKLY and pesters them by saying “MOAR LAYZNER!!!!” every time an unrelated show’s new ep is posted, while doing nothing constructive.

        At this rate, I’m afraid that /m/ will end up pulling an Alvin-Earthworm and just drop everything.

        • anon

          I kinda hope not, I just hope once the twats bitching for laynzer and brygar shut up once those two are done so /M/ subs can get to other things that they’ve left collecting dust

  4. reiswindy

    Thanks for subbing Lamune!! (I don’t really know what else to say) You have my deepest gratitude!.

    • Lolfang

      Cheers dude. I’ve been busy moving/unpacking last week, but I’ve been back at work on Lamune since, I’ll be releasing DX real soon!

      • KudosForce

        Excellent! d ^_^ b

        Glad to see you’re back, also.

      • KudosForce

        Sorry for interrupting, but I wanted to ask you something;

        On average, how long does it generally take for you to sub a full episode of anything Lamune-related? I’ve noticed that this is a one-man operation, so I understand that it would take longer to sub something without any additonal help.

        • Lolfang

          An episode takes about 8 hours to time and translate an episode, video encoding takes about 10 hours for episode (I’m a quality whore) and making a tl note file takes a few hours as well. I’ve just been slacking on Lamune, I’ve been helping out Miss Dream in finishing their work on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and spending what free time I have left after that de-stressing by playing video games.
          DX is mostly done though! I just need one last big push to finish it.

          • KudosForce

            Ahh, I see now. It’s nice to a see a stickler within the fansub community, I have to say.

            From the looks of things, Miss Dream still have a long ways ahead themselves concerning PGSM (at least halfway at this point).

            Thanks for the status update, though, so sally forth! 😀

          • Lolfang

            Yeah the release schedule is behind, but there’s like 48 episodes, Act 0 and Special Act. I did episodes 43 and Special act on Sun, so they’re actually almost done with translation.

  5. Haiyami

    Lolfang if you need help with like QC and maybe a bit of translation. I can help you with getting out Knights of Lamune out faster. Thank you for your hard work by the way. You can contact me by my email address [email protected]

    Can’t wait for the next release.

    • KudosForce

      I’d listen to this man(?) if I were you. A chance like that (of having a translator pitching in to help) doesn’t come around too often. 😉

  6. KingFisher

    I’ve got a question. WHy is the artwork for the covers of the dvd for NG Knights of Lamune & 40 so different from the actual TV series? I’ve watched up to half of the releases so far and the character designs look very different than this:

    • Lolfang

      Probably because the cover was drawn only a few years ago, and has been modernized quite a bit. Lamune the series is oer 20 years old however.

  7. Hello lolfang
    I’m so glad to be able to watch NG Knight Lamuness, Also very glad to find it here, you have my thanks and appreciation.

    And also, If it’s okay with you, I also wanted to take a part of this project, I Could do something with video and audio encoding. well I should tell you that i may be a newbie, but i will do the best to make it available here in nyaron.

    It was my old anime back in my young age. I used to watch it on my local tv channel and These anime had taken a precious moments of my life by watching all of them.
    I wanna see them all again. all the episodes whether it is DX or EX.

    You could contact me via email. I’m really looking forward for your reply. Once again Thank you so much for subbing this anime! I’d really glad if i were able to be a part of it. I’m pretty sure you need a big help to finish it all in one bite.

    best regards

  8. Can you please create a zip for each of the manga, novels, and postcard collection? I really don’t want to download each image individually, thanks!

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