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I’m not dead & Gundam AGE

Hey Lolfang here, Just dropping in to make a few things clear

First I’m not dead. Put away the crucifix. I have a couple episodes of Lamune and an episode of Might Gaine ready to put up, but as you can see, our tracker is borked, so I’m finding other options.

Second, will Nyoron be subbing Gundam AGE?

The answer is an emphatic no.

Here’s why:
1. This series is retarded looking. I’m all for nostalgia in animation, but putting 70s style characters in a hd format with hd mechanical and enemy design looks really disjointed and stupid.
2. I’m not too thrilled about the concept. Letting the guy you hired to design the Gundam video games write a script for a show is a bad fucking idea Sunrise.
3. This show stands for everything Gundam is not. Gundam was created in the 70s by Tomino with a very set theme. War is hell. All of the Gundam shows since 0079 have kept that theme (except maybe G and X) Where the idea was to explore the horrors of war and the damage human beings do to one another and how to endure the evils of the human heart.
Now we have fucking aliens.
This is also why I did not sub the Gundam 00 movie. Lately Gundam has been taking a bad turn away from it’s roots, and I want nothing to do with it. I will still watch AGE, I want to watch what happens, but I am decidedly uninterested in making subtitles for it. It’s like someone decided to mash up Gundam, Macross Frontier and a Yuusha series and thought it would be okay.

Anyway, stay classy guys, I have some retro 90s goodness coming for you soon!

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4 Responses

  1. unknown gundam age fan

    Gundam Age actually turned out good lolfang.

  2. random drop-in guy

    sum it all up and the contents is still the same. just about the starting part where they just call every weird thing an alien.

    Definition of alien is “Belonging to a foreign country or nation.”

  3. KingFisher

    The concept is stupid but I st ill don’t see the whole 70’s art style. It looks nothing like 70’s art style type characters.

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